Patriots Game Presentation

Patriots Game Presentation Design - Insert Package


New insert design and animations for game presentation.


Need a new design that's clean and easy to use. Also need a Chyron graphics package for LyricX. Needs to be easy for freelance Chyron operators.

Chyron LyricX training for operator and game presentation director.

Video shows the insert graphics package inside Chyron LyricX. The design dynamically scales according to the content. Notice how simple it is to add sponsorships to any graphic. Take a look at the custom trivia interface.

Client Testimonial

Abigail Thelin, Patriots Director of Game Presentation

"I've been working with Zack for several years now and can't recommend him enough. He has not only designed several Chyron graphics packages for our in-stadium show but also trained our staff.  His knowledge of Chyron is beyond extensive and is highly coveted in New England as an operator and graphics designer."

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